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The Power of Habit: Taking Vitamins That Help Reduce Bloating

Many goals in life require dedication and consistency in order to be achieved. Creating or getting rid of a habit in one’s life can be incredibly challenging, but can make a load of a difference in your quality of life. Habit building is especially crucial when it comes to seeing changes in your health status. For example, if you currently struggle with bloating and irregular bowel movements, taking your supplement for bloating once will not make much of a difference. However, if you stay consistent with taking your bloating supplements and other beneficial gut habits, that is when you will start to see true change. 

Let us discuss the power of habit, which habits are beneficial to your health, and which common habits are getting in the way of you and your true potential. 

The Power of Building Positive Habits In Your Life and How It Impacts You 

Habits are interwoven in our lives without us even realizing it at times. It is incredible how much power – both negative and positive – it can have over you. A habit is a behavior that is repeated regularly to the point it can happen even subconsciously. The longer you participate in a habit, the more likely it will become that you will start to do said habit without even noticing. That is why it is so crucial that you are building positive habits rather than ones that will inhibit you in ways you do not even realize. 

Habits are often triggered by something, then acted out in accordance with what the habit is, and then rewarded by a feel-good chemical reaction in your body. The reaction from your body will be automatic and will happen even if the habit is not necessarily serving you. That is why it is up to you to identify what actions in your life are habits and which ones are worth keeping around. 

Due to the immense impact it can have over your brain, habits when transformed properly, can have positive power over your life. We must find a way to use the power of habit in a positive manner that will serve us for the better. Now, let us dive into some habits you might want to consider adding to your routine and others that are potentially hindering your potential. 

General Habits That Will Benefit You In Your Day-to-Day Life 

  1. Make Your Bed - As easy as it sounds, making your bed every single day can completely change your life. It is the first part of everyone’s day, and what better way to start your day with a task being accomplished? It sets up your day in a positive light with productivity at the forefront. This small accomplishment will subconsciously push you for the rest of the day to achieve more and more. 
  2. Take the stairs or walk when able - We have become so accustomed to accessibility and instant gratification that we have lost sight of some wonderful opportunities. For example, do you have an elevator in the lobby of your office? Instead of using this easy and convenient way to get to your floor, try taking the stairs instead. It is a great way to remind you that not everything has to be so instant – even if it is given to you. It is also a great way to incorporate some extra movement in your day-to-day routine with little to no sacrifice. Similarly, for those places you can walk to in your neighborhood, consider doing so instead of driving. 
  3. Create a Sleep Schedule - Are you someone that wakes up at different times each morning or goes to bed at different times each night? Building the habit of having a schedule for your sleep routine will help you achieve more restful sleep and will help you to use the hours in between in a more productive manner. This will often align with an earlier wake up time and an earlier bedtime. 
  4. Take Your Probiotic Supplement Every Day - Habit building is incredibly important when it comes to supplements. These supplements are created to help protect and support your body over time. Taking these supplements once will do little to nothing to help your digestive ailments. Try taking your probiotic supplement every day and see how this habit will support your gut health over time. 

Common Habits People Participate In That Will Not Serve You 

  1. Constantly Checking Your Phone - Our phones have become a part of us in a way that is almost concerning. Do you find yourself checking your phone even without a need? This constant need to be connected can become subconscious. This habit leads to distraction, lack of productivity, and will get in between you and your goals. Try to find a positive habit to turn to instead when you need a break from work or when you find yourself needing something to do. 
  2. Procrastination - Procrastination can stem from a number of different things including the fear of failing, anxiousness, perfectionism, and feeling overwhelmed. Even those menial tasks at the end of your to-do list can start to feel like a mountain you cannot overcome. Learning how to cut out procrastination in your life will help you to feel more secure in your actions and less anxious overall. Try to find ways to delegate your tasks throughout your week and find ways to get ahead of bigger responsibilities to avoid falling behind. 
  3. Eating When Bored - Boredom can often trigger some of our more unlikable habits such as eating when there is no reason to. Try to become more in tune with your body’s hunger instinct in order to better understand when it is boredom pushing you to eat and when you are truly hungry. This will help you to avoid overeating and causing issues such as constipation or abdominal pain. 
  4. Being Late - Are you the friend in your friend group who is known for being late? Being late can cause feelings of anxiousness and can cause rifts with your relationships. Try to cut out being late from your routine and instead give yourself that extra time to feel relaxed and composed.
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