The Latest Gut Health Trends and Their Effectiveness

The Latest Gut Health Trends and Their Effectiveness

As the interest in gut health continues to rise, we are seeing more and more gut health trends that are claiming they can help your gastrointestinal system. We are going to dive into a number of these different trends to break down the benefits that could come from them and their potential drawbacks.

1. The “Internal Shower” Broken Down 

TikTok is one of the most prevalent places in which gut health trends are being discovered and discussed. What was named an ‘internal shower’ is a drink that is claimed to help with bloating and can lead to a flat stomach if ingested consistently each day. It is made up of water, lemon, and chia seeds, and actually imitates a drink made in Mexico called ‘agua de limon con chia’. 

It is important to remember that nothing can necessarily give you a flat stomach simply by ingesting it, and that even if a certain practice might be beneficial to your gut health it might take some time for you to see the benefits of said practices. However, since certain foods are key in giving us the nutrients we need to have a strong digestive system, there is a possibility that eating and drinking certain things might be more beneficial than others when it comes to avoiding digestive ailments such as bloating or constipation. 

For example, chia seeds which are an essential ingredient of this concoction are high in fiber. Fiber helps the contents of your stomach move through your large intestine quicker which essentially helps you push your digestion along. So while the ‘internal shower’ might not give you that flat stomach you might be hoping for, it can help to improve your digestion especially if you are feeling constipated. 

While there are a number of ways you can get your daily intake of fiber, adding chia seeds to water is especially beneficial, because the chia seeds absorb the water so strongly that it can actually multiply its weight and size to an incredible amount. This means that it can lead to you feeling fuller when you consume it with water than you normally would. 

If you are someone who is looking to find ways to curb overeating or binge eating, drinking water with chia seeds in it can leave you feeling satisfied for longer periods of time. However, it is important to not use it as a meal replacement which is why taking it on an empty stomach as the trend suggests can actually be less beneficial than one might expect. Instead, reap the benefits of the chia seed water and use it later on in the day to curb any afternoon urges while also simultaneously supporting the digestion of the food already in your system. 

2. Stewed Apples: Beneficial for Gut Health or Simply a Sweet Treat

Another TikTok trend that has caught some attention is the idea that eating stewed apples can be beneficial in reducing the bad bacteria in your gut. Aside from the fact that apples contain 10% of the daily value of vitamin C, they also contain a type of fiber named pectin that can also be classified as a prebiotic. 

Pectin is an extra special type of fiber, because it can reach your colon and give you the added benefit of promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in your gastrointestinal system. However, pectin cannot be released and therefore useful unless you cook the apples which is why stewing is such an essential part of this trend. While pectin is always in apples the cooking of the fruit helps to strengthen the benefits making it more beneficial for your overall health. Cooking also helps to break down the food making it even more digestible. 

3. Whether or Not Bone Broth Should Be Your New Coffee

TikTok has also brought bone broth to the surface of conversations surrounding one’s gut health, although there is a limited amount of research that backs up the claims it can beat inflammation in the gut or any other digestive ailments. However this does not mean that there aren’t other health benefits to reap from consuming bone broth. Gelatins is a protein that can be found in bone broth when made properly and gelatin is known to help food move more efficiently through your digestive tract once it mixes in with the water in your system. 

Other claims have noted that bone broth may be potentially beneficial to your skin’s health, sleep quality, and your immunity levels, but there is not enough research to conclude any of these claims for sure. Bone broth is still considered more beneficial than other broths that you could be consuming in your meals due to the higher levels of nutrients that are released during the process of creating bone broth. 

If you are looking for a way to make slight changes to your diet while not eliminating certain aspects fully, bone broth is a great way to level up your soup meals. It is also important to stay cautious of the levels of sodium in any broths you are consuming. While sodium is an essential mineral, consuming high levels of sodium can lead to bloating so it is important to keep the consumption of sodium under control.

To summarize, there are a variety of different trends out there claiming that they can help with gut and digestive health, but it is important to break down the different aspects of each trend to understand its real benefits and potential drawbacks. It is also important to remember that while one method might work for someone that does not mean it will work for everyone. It is vital to pay attention to your own body needs and reactions over anyone else’s body. 

We are going to be consistently breaking down the latest trends that arise so be sure to keep a lookout for our gut health news blogs to stay up to date and to learn which trends should become your new healthy habit to adopt!

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