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Thanksgiving Activities and Supplements for Bloating

We're saying hello to the season of thanks. With the month of November comes Thanksgiving time and all the activities it has to offer. The holidays can be quite a busy time for a lot of us, and this change of pace can lead to a decline in mental and physical health.

When Thanksgiving day comes along, you can find yourself feeling burnt out, and completely unprepared physically or mentally for the different factors that come with the holiday. Today, we are going to break down several ways to prepare yourself for Thanksgiving this season, including digestive-boosting activities. 

How To Minimize Stress Levels Going Into The Thanksgiving Season

Many of us host family and friends at our house for Thanksgiving, which can be a blessing, but also come with its stressors. A great way to minimize the amount of stress you experience during the holidays is by participating in some fall cleaning. Be sure to tidy up the areas around your house early on. 

Get yourself in the holiday spirit earlier on in the season by stocking up your guest bathroom and putting out your festive decorations. It is also important to take inventory of the items that are in your fridge/pantry to make sure you are not storing stale food, and that you have room for any holiday leftovers. 

Another great way to get ahead of the holiday frenzy is by stocking up your kitchen with the staple foods you are going to need for Thanksgiving dinner. Some examples of items you can purchase weeks in advance include cranberry sauce, cheeses, chicken stock, and potatoes. You can even go one step ahead and fully cook Thanksgiving side dishes to then freeze them for later use. This will save you loads of time on the actual day of the  holiday, and will minimize your stress levels significantly. 

Our last tip for Thanksgiving preparation is to be sure to stay consistent in your exercise routine. Exercising consistently helps to keep endorphin levels up and your stress levels at bay.  This is also a great way to give your immune and digestive system a boost, which can both be heavily impacted by the commotion of the holiday seasons. 

Ways To Boost Your Digestion Going Into The Holiday

In addition to finding ways to minimize your stress levels, it is important to keep an eye on your digestive system going into the holiday season. We have compiled a list of ways to boost your digestion to avoid issues such as constipation and bloating. 

Be sure to keep up with your gut health enzymes in order to ensure your body is getting all the support it needs in properly digesting food. This is especially important around the holiday season, because this is the time we are most likely eating foods our bodies are not used to ingesting. Our vitamin for bloating, Sexy & Slim, contains a digestive enzyme complex that will help you break down all the essential nutritious foods. We recommend taking it every night before bed to ensure optimal digestion at all times. 

For many of us, the holidays signal cooler months, which gives you the opportunity to indulge in hot beverages, including hot tea. A great way to boost your digestion these coming months is by ending your night with a hot cup of tea. These teas include ginger tea, peppermint tea, and dandelion tea. Water is another beverage that should be a key player in your daily routine. Hydration is super important when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, and should be extra emphasized during times of more activity, such as the holidays. 

A great way to avoid poor digestion before the holidays is by ensuring your diet contains high levels of essential nutrients and no added processed sugars or fats. An upset stomach is the last thing you want to feel going into Thanksgiving. Your body will thank you for keeping your diet clean through eating whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables. 

How To Transform Traditional Thanksgiving Food To Be More Digestive Friendly 

While we always praise a balance between eating healthy and treating yourself from time to time, for those who are looking for ways to change Thanksgiving foods for better digestion, we have compiled a list of ways to do so. 

Many people have a sensitivity to gluten which can cause many digestive issues. This makes it quite hard to enjoy that delicious stuffing as your side dish on Thanksgiving day. In order to avoid this, try switching out the bread that makes up the base of stuffing, and instead replace it with cauliflower or sweet potato. 

Gravy is another Thanksgiving staple that can be transformed to a healthier alternative. As is, gravy can contain high levels of sugar and fat that can be potentially damaging to your digestion. A great way to change this is by using plain yogurt as a base to create your very own gravy alternative. In order to reach a similar taste to normal gravy, we recommend using chicken or beef bouillon. Yogurt contains high levels of probiotics for bloating, and combined with different seasonings, will leave your guests feeling extremely satisfied. 

If you are looking to still indulge in your favorite side dishes, but without the added calories that might come with them, then you might want to consider the following changes to your traditional mashed potatoes. Potatoes actually have great nutrient value, but when you add buckets of butter to make them, you can lose sight of these nutrients and instead find yourself swimming in the saturated fats that are found in butter. 

To avoid this, try substituting the butter you would normally use with olive oil. Olive oil contains a healthier type of fat called monounsaturated fats. While you might not be able to fully transform every Thanksgiving dish for complete health, the most important thing is that this holiday is celebrated with food and people that will leave your stomach content and your mind at ease! 

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