Methods and Vitamins to Decrease Bloating This Summer

Methods and Vitamins to Decrease Bloating This Summer

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are heading into the beginning of the summer months. The warmer weather and change in season gives us a chance to recharge and reset after a long first part of the year. Each new season brings new opportunities and ways to take care of your health. In the summer, we spend more time outside and at social gatherings. While we should most definitely lean into all that summer has to offer, it is best to be prepared on how to take advantage of the summer to elevate your health and protect your digestive tract. 

How Do The Summer Months Potentially Impact Your Gut Health 

Did you know that the summer months tend to impact your gut health in a negative manner? Let’s break down why this coming season is especially hard on your digestive tract. 

  1. Dehydration - It is no secret that the temperature increases during the summer, but does your water intake increase as well? If the answer is no, then you might find yourself susceptible to issues such as irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, and constipation. The higher temperatures means your body needs more fluids to regulate your internal body temperature. If you are not increasing your water intake during the summer, odds are you are losing more fluids than your body is using leading to dehydration. Dehydration causes a host of issues for your digestive tract and your health in general. Find ways to increase your fluid intake during the summer. You can spice up your regular water with some lemon or fruit to make it into a more exciting summer beverage. 
  2. Distractions - The summer months tend to bring more social invitations and vacations. While these events are enjoyable and wonderful for one’s mental health, they often lead to a change in schedule. Practices such as taking one’s slim supplement regime or eating primarily whole foods tend to fall to the wayside. It is crucial to find ways to stick to those primary practices that are the pillars to your wellness lifestyle. 
  3. Lack of Sleep - In a similar fashion, summer is usually the time in which we spend more time outdoors and less time inside of our houses. Spending time outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for your gut and overall health as it promotes physical activity and mental wellbeing. However, if you are booking up your social calendar, you might find that sleep is sacrificed. Try to find ways to still stick to a sleep schedule during the summer to avoid facing repercussions such as fatigue, inflammation, and/or bloating. 

How to Take Advantage of Summer While Also Protecting Your Gut Health

Summer has so many amazing things to offer such as fresh meals, warm weather days, and a ton of opportunities to have fun in the sun! While there are definitely some vulnerabilities when it comes to supporting your gut health in the summer, there are also many ways to take advantage of summer to maximize your gut health. 

  1. Lean into summer activities - Are you someone who struggles to find entertaining ways to promote physical activity? Maybe you are someone who is not keen on going to the gym or to your local yoga studio due to its constraints and structure — the summer is the season for you! The warm weather gives us a chance to participate in activities such as swimming, bike riding, hiking, and gardening — to name a few — in a way that other seasons struggle to offer us. Find your outdoor calling this summer and lean into all that the warm weather has to offer. Physical activity is crucial to maintaining your mental health and to promote regular bowel movements. 
  2. Get creative with your meals - After some time, the act of cooking can start to feel repetitive and boring. A new season brings a chance to explore different types of cooking  and allows you the option to test out new meals. Consider firing up your grill outside or picking out new and explorative items at the farmer’s market this summer. This is a great way to lean into a new hobby that you might just find you love! 

Summer Food Staples and Methods of Cooking to Best Support Your Overall Health This Season 

Let’s dive into what those meals and types of cooking have to offer! 

Why is grilling a good alternative cooking method?

Not only does grilling get you outside of the house and into nature, but it is a great way to cook your food! Grilling tends to require little amounts of oil or fat in comparison to cooking on the stove. This means that you can make your meals with smaller amounts of added fats. Grilling is also a low-maintenance form of cooking, so you are able to host and have fun all at the same time. Oftentimes, it requires more prep than anything else, which means the majority of the cooking can be done ahead of time. 

Here are some foods we recommend grilling up this summer: 

  • Fish: Fish such as salmon are a lean protein that offer many beneficial nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. Fish that are rich in calcium and phosphorus also offer their own set of nutrients such as iron and zinc. Throw your favorite fish onto your grill, and serve it up with a side salad or some grilled veggies. 
  • Black Bean Burgers: Black beans contain resistant starch which are beneficial in feeding the bacteria found in our guts. Alongside your probiotic for bloating, incorporating foods such as black beans into your diet can be a great way to boost your gut health. Black bean burgers can be a great alternative to a normal burger and can also be thrown on the grill for quick cooking.
  • Skirt Steak: Skirt steak is an awesome source of protein and generally contains less fat per serving than other cuts of meat. If you are someone who loves a nice piece of steak for dinner during the summer, consider opting for skirt steak this coming season. Top it with a homemade chimichurri sauce to really optimize its flavor profile.
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