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Metabolism 101 : Weight Loss Supplements for Women

We have all heard of our metabolism and how it can possibly affect our body’s weight, but we are here to tell you the true effects it has on you and how you can support it. Your metabolism is your body’s way of processing and converting your food and drinks to energy. It combines the calories within your food with the oxygen in your body to create the energy you need to sustain yourself. 

Keeping your metabolism up and running is important, because it helps lead to fat loss simply due to the fact your body is struggling to burn the calories you are fueling it with.

There are many factors that affect the rate of your metabolism including your biological sex, your composition and weight, and how old you are. Aside from these biological facts, there are other factors we can take into consideration. There are many health benefits to knowing just how to control your metabolism.

Factors that Slow Down Your Metabolic Rate

One of the things that affect your metabolism are your genes. Genes are metabolic rate are relatable, because if you find yourself struggling to burn calories quickly when asleep odds are your parents are very similar. 

Sorry to break it to you, but hormonal changes are also a factor when it comes to your metabolic rate. Especially if you suffer from underactive or overactive thyroid you tend to have less control of how your body produces energy and at what rate. 

Another common issue that affects the way your body’s metabolism works is your stress levels. If you find yourself overworked and stressed it could lead to your metabolism slowing down, because all of the functions in your body are working over time due to your mental state. 

Much like with other health issues you may find yourself wanting to fix, sleep can be your best friend if you just allow it to. A poor night of sleep could lead to your body having issues creating energy that you need not only for a fast metabolism but to successfully finish all your activities throughout the day. 

If you think that your latest health diet fad is helping your body, think again. Many health diets, like trying to restrict your body to a small amount of calories or even intermittent fasting for certain people can trigger a slower metabolism. 

This is because if you give your body nothing to create energy it will start to store the calories in case, rather than using that body and expelling that energy. Just because you want to lose weight does not mean that the quickest way is the best way. In fact, there have been many cases where wanting to lose it fast and in a dangerous way leads to one gaining it all back again.

Ways to Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Although there are many things that can slow your metabolism down, there are also many that can speed it up. 

Food is a great way to easily incorporate solutions into your daily routine. There is a process called Thermic Effect of Food that speeds your metabolism due to your body needing to exert more energy to process all of the calories being put into it, as well as expelling it.

One of the foods that has the greatest impact in terms of this effect is protein! Adding protein to your meals is also a great way to avoid overeating. Examples of great protein additions include fish, lean beef, and eggs. 

Like sleeping, water is another easy but effective way to keep your metabolism up and running smoothly. Water is a vital part of our functions; it helps our bodies burn fuel and even can promote weight loss. 

Not only does water make sure that you are hydrated enough to continue to go about your day with energy, but it helps to give all of your bodies functions a kick start to continue to do their job. Our bodies consist of 60% water, so never underestimate the power of staying hydrated. 

Believe it or not, a healthy dose of calcium might just be the new metabolism booster that will have it up and running in no time. For those that are concerned about consuming dairy, there are other ways to consume calcium including eating: kale, tofu, canned salmon, soy, and almond milk. 

Working out is an underrated way to fix your metabolism. Whether it is high intensity training or weight lifting, any type of exercise will get the inside of your body moving just as much as the outside. High intensity training is also a great way for people to burn fat. 

Other great additions to your diet are spicy foods and caffeine. If you are a coffee lover, this is the trick for you. Other forms of caffeine like green tea extract, green coffee bean and extract would also do the trick. A healthy dose of coffee somewhere throughout your day will kick your body into high gear and that includes your metabolism.

Spicy foods are beneficial due to the ingredients in pepper called capsaicin. Be careful to not consume an excessive amount of spicy foods though, as many bodies are not cut out for it. 

When cooking, trading out that olive oil for coconut oil can also help you reach your metabolic goals. Coconut oil has a high amount of medium chain fats that increase your metabolism more than the fats found in others alternatives.

Consistency is Key When It Comes to Your Body's Functions

Like in most aspects of life, in order to see results consistency is key and trying to regulate your metabolism is no different. If you are someone who thinks they would struggle with changing any of the ideas mentioned above, there is another method that requires way less fuss, but still offers you that same support you are in search of. 

Our product Metaboliz is known for many things, one of them being boosting your metabolism. Metaboliz is a pill that is recommended to be taken in the middle of your day, and offers you other benefits including: supporting your energy, aiding in cognitive function, and promoting thyroid health.

Supporting your metabolism has never been easier, and since it is made with all natural ingredients you can rest assured that you are putting great ingredients into your body. Metaboliz is also vegan, soy free, and gluten free. 

Whether you are adding a supplement into your routine, eating more fish, or raising your water intake, you can go to sleep at night knowing your metabolism is not hopeless. In fact, there are so many tips and tricks at your disposal to help you reach your goals regardless of the time and dedication constraints you might have. Make these changes in your life today and shop our entire wellness program!

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