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Life Changing Wellness Trends for Healthy Living

As easy as it is to constantly crave the future and what is to come, it is important to find happiness and contentment in the present moment. In recent years, there has been a decline in stigma surrounding self-care and the importance of prioritizing one’s needs – which is an amazing development. As a result, several different wellness trends have developed and gained traction in society. 

Many of us are familiar with the foundational aspects of healthy living such as taking a probiotic supplement, eating a well-balanced diet, and meditating, but have you ever considered adapting other aspects of your life so that they enhance your day-to-day routine? Here are some trending ways people are elevating their wellness routine. 

How to Achieve The Ultimate Shower Routine and How it Can Benefit You 

There is nothing like a shower to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Have you ever had a long day where all you have wanted to do is take a long hot shower? Showers have the ability to relax your body and decrease anxiety or stress. People are really leaning into making showering an experience with the following adaptations to their shower routines! 

  1. Aromatherapy - Shower steamers or adding essential oils to your shower is a great way to add a pleasant scent to your shower routine and reap the natural properties of certain essential oils such as lavender. Smooth scents such as lavender can help to promote relaxation whereas citrus smells can be rejuvenating to your soul and mind.
  2. Dry Brush - Dry brushing prior to your shower can be a great way to exfoliate the skin and promote the removal of dead skin cells and excess toxins. If not removed, dead skin cells can start to clog up your hair follicles, fostering an environment for complications such as ingrown hairs. 
  3. Listen to Music - Showering is meant to be an experience. Consider playing some music or your favorite podcast during your shower. This can help the daily habit to feel less like a chore and something to look forward to. Our shower time is one of the few moments of our day where we are forced to take a step back from our responsibilities, devices, and everything in between. Allow it to be a time to tap into your thoughts or a time to listen to that audiobook, podcast, or music album you have been looking forward to. 

We hope you have found inspiration to spruce up your shower routine this week! Give yourself the chance to evaluate how these small changes make a difference in your mood. 

What is “Soft Life” Exercising and How Does It Transform Your Relationship With Exercise?

We are all familiar with the hustle culture that seemed to have its moment a couple of years ago, but did you hear that hustle culture is out and the “soft life” is in? People are becoming more attracted to the slow and steady version of life than the busy lifestyle we have gotten accustomed to lately. 

“Soft life” exercising is a part of this lifestyle trend. “Soft life” exercising relates to types of exercises that coincide with a relaxed form of living. Instead of forcing yourself to a strict gym regimen or eliminating rest days from your schedule, the “soft life” requires you to find ways to incorporate exercise into your routine in a way that is supportive of both your physical and mental health. 

For example, if you are someone who has a rigid work schedule, it can be hard to commit to going to the gym every day, but a long walk around your neighborhood and at-home pilates workouts might seem more manageable. The “soft life” routine is simply promoting finding forms of exercise that fit you and your needs rather than following the status quo of routines. 

This shift in mindset can help you better improve your relationship with exercise and see it as a ritual rather than something to check off your list. Exercise helps just about every aspect of one’s health, so it is crucial to find ways to better our relationship with the practice. If you struggle with sticking to exercising, consider trying out different forms to see what fits your interests the most. 

Let’s Break Down Red Light Therapy and Its Benefits 

Red light therapy uses low-wavelength red light to help improve the skin and other parts of one’s body. Red light therapy is used primarily to improve the appearance of one’s skin and to help support your cell reproduction. It can also help to reduce inflammation and support collagen production. 

Red light therapy is non-invasive and is usually done by pressing a device with the light on to parts of the body. While there are no potential dangers to using red light therapy for prolonged periods of time, the more time you use red light therapy does not necessarily make it work more efficiently. Red light therapy is most efficient when it is done consistently over time.

Whole body red light therapy can even help your digestive health! The red light can help regulate your circadian rhythm and heal your gut. Your circadian rhythm acts as your body's internal clock and helps to regulate many processes such as your sleep quality, digestion, and hormones. 

LED red light therapy masks have become a staple in many people’s night time routine. Aside from its benefits, it can act as a form of self-care for many. Aside from its benefits, incorporating rituals such as red light therapy into your routine can help you to gain a sense of peace into your life. It can be easy to overlook the power of relaxing and time for yourself, but it truly does make a difference in your overall health. 

All in all, these small additions to your routine can help promote relaxation in a positive manner. The main takeaway from these trends – and most wellness trends – is that we must find small ways throughout our day to take care of ourselves to reap the benefits in the long run.

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