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How To Eat Healthy During The Holiday Season

How To Eat Healthy During The Holiday Season

There is nothing worse than a guilt trip during one of the most magical times of the year, the holiday season. A time of joy, wonder, and of course- appreciation for delicious foods that come around only once a year in some cases! Think pumpkin cheesecake and candy cane brownies, if you're having the rare instance of trying to remember here. But why feel guilty when there are many ways to find how to eat healthy during the holiday season right at your fingertips?! Although there is a fine line when it comes to using the internet as a resource for information, the world wide web has created a plethora of ideas and inspiration for all! Utilizing online information in a positive way can help get you through that unneeded holiday guilt of enjoying yourself during the holidays. There are many ways to keep your body healthy, while also still keeping your mind and soul healthy by enjoying your favorite holiday foods.

Swapping Out Holiday Favorites For A Healthier Version

For many people cutting out their all-time favorite foods from the holiday menu is not likely, let alone feasible. Hence the coined term "The Holiday Season" which is one time of year we all enjoy friends, family, and food! But a great way to compromise in how to eat healthy during the holiday season is to lighten up your recipes by substituting ingredients with healthier versions. Reduce calories and sugar without missing out on taste by making some adjustments and using similar substitutions. For example, who doesn't love the classic French Onion Dip with corn chips?! Easy, replace the sour cream with whole greek yogurt, sauté some diced sweet onions to mix in, and dip with chicken crisps or your favorite veggies! Never heard of a chicken crisp- look them up! (They are delicious and completely grain-free, a KETO friendly option as well!)

Another easy swap is replacing 1 egg with 2 egg whites to cut cholesterol for those watching LDL numbers. Instead of oil, margarine, or butter in baked items, substitute applesauce for an even more fudgier texture. One of the most delicious swaps an Italian food lover can make is substituting noodles with veggie noodle curls. There is no guilt with adding extra sauce when your empty calorie noodles are now nutrient dense squash! Utilizing online recipes and ideas, even going to the library and glancing through some recipe swap books, are great ways to learn how to eat healthy during the holiday season. With information literally at our fingertips, there are countless ways to replace unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones.

Eat Before You Make Your Entrance Into A Holiday Party

What could be more dangerous than walking into a holiday party with a growling stomach! Having a nutritious and fulfilling meal before heading to your holiday festivities allows you to enjoy the holiday treats experience at your leisure. It will take the edge off your appetite and keep you from overeating. By having a satiated stomach, you can feel less guilty one or two hours later about snacking or indulging in small high calorie treats. Keeping your eaten foods and calories in balance tends to keep your digestive system running smooth, and cuts out the 'food coma' feeling during the party. This great strategy also keeps you in wearing your dancing shoes, so to speak. With a stomach less full and stressed, energy levels stay higher. Dancing sounds much more appealing all of a sudden, versus talking with friends on the couch after festive feasting. Dancing at a party or taking a walk with a friend afterwards are both great ways to burn some extra holiday calories and enjoy yourself to boot. Learning how to eat healthy during the holiday season is not just about food, but also about healthy strategies that can turn into beneficial habits. Exercise and movement have been proven to get our body functioning and blood pumping, of course helping overall support for the digestive system.

 Some Tips For How To Eat Healthy During The Holiday Season

Believe or not, there are some simple habits you can practice whenever in an environment full of delectable holiday foods. It is awareness of our habits that really can help make a difference in how we eat food throughout the day, especially during the holidays. Two simple habits you can start are using a small plate, and then filling your plate simply. Research shows we tend to fill our plates, no matter what size they are. So choose a small plate and you won’t be able to pile as much on it. And by filling your plate simply we mean with veggies, fruits, green salads, and lean meats and grass fed dairy products. If you see a yummy looking side dish that is high in calories, take just a taste of it, mindfully. Eating mindfully means you savor and enjoy each bite with a focus on the flavor of what you are eating. Putting your fork down between bites is also helpful in learning how to eat healthy during the holiday season. These small steps can become big habits that aid your body in digesting foods more optimally.

Another excellent habit to make is after you’ve eaten your small plate of healthy choices, wait 10 minutes. This small but crucial amount of time will give your brain the time it needs to tell your stomach if it is full. Often, after that amount of time, our hunger cravings will be satisfied and you can focus on the company more than the food. Filling up on nutritious and fulfilling food first is key, besides you can go back for more later, if you’re still hungry. But, chances are, after filling up on all that healthy more nutrient dense food, you won’t be too hungry. You’ll be better able to resist those heavy casseroles and cheesecakes that looked so good at first glance when you were hungry. Another great habit to make is to socialize away from the food. Or in other words, if you find yourself standing around talking at a party, do it far away from the food. You’ll be less likely to get distracted and spot something that you can’t resist, and end up reaching over to grab.

Don't Want To Miss Out - Then Work For Those Holiday Indulgences

For some of us foodies, cutting out our favorite holiday foods is just not an option. We live in a world where virtually you can find anything your heart desires when it comes to food. So why in the world would we not appreciate this fact of life and enjoy it? That being said, there is most definitely a price to be paid for eating an extra helping of au gratin potatoes or pumpkin cheesecake. Whether it be calories or stomach discomfort, be proactive about your body and do the work necessary to enjoy those delightful treats. How to eat healthy during the holiday season doesn't mean cutting out all your favorite foods, it just means being mindful of them and allowing your body to not become overwhelmed. Want that cheesecake - go for a run or high calorie burning workout before heading to the party. Want that extra helping of au gratin potatoes - skip desert, and make sure to take a probiotic supplement before, after, or both. Doing some planning in how you can work for those scrumptious holiday treats can get rid of the guilt and extra work put on your body.  

How Supplements Can Impact Your Holiday Season Indulgences 

Even though for most people the holiday season is the best time of the year, that may not be the case for everyone. With all the holiday festivities, anyone with an uneasy or sensitive stomach may be dreading their most torturous time of the year. It can feel impossible to pass up on another serving of homemade green bean casserole or the candy cane brownies, especially when it's your favorite treat! But for some, the overindulging may lead to feeling bloated and uncomfortable for the next 24 hours. Hence where supplements, such as a high quality probiotic, can come into play. Maintaining balanced levels of probiotics has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and other common digestive disorders. Probiotics help reduce bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea to name just a few. And now finding high quality supplements is easier than ever, with retailers offering their take of what the best product on the market is for supporting holiday season indulgences.

One of the greatest supplements you can find is Probiotic Renu from Bloat No More. This amazing formulation comes in capsules that contain a premium blend of natural ingredients including 30 billion bifido strains, and 20 billion lacto probiotic cultures. The health benefits of Probiotic Renu includes support for the digestive system, which helps to promote weight loss and fight fatigue. With their unique blend of 50 billion colony forming units, the Probiotic Renu formulation does just that. With just one Probiotic Renu vegan and gluten free capsules a day, a holiday favorites indulger can feel energy enhanced and a sense of renewed vitality. Taking on the season's greetings festivities gut first may provide support for those wanting to learn how to eat healthy during the holiday season. Positive effects from taking probiotics will compound over time, continually improving your wellbeing from the inside out.

How Bloat No More Can Offer Support During The Holidays

As we live in an environment full of chemicals, toxins and disease, the importance of giving our body everything it needs is crucial. The founder of Bloat No More is on a mission to help educate consumers on the benefits of taking supplements to help care for the body from the inside out! Bloat No More offers high quality supplements that help remove harmful toxins in the body and reduce the risk of disease and obesity. What more of a motivation could there be with the increase in illnesses globally, childhood obesity and diabetes on the rise, and harmful chemicals infused in what we consume? Bloat No More was created to aid people in eliminating toxins in their body promoting wellness and vitality.

Why should you choose us?

Taking a steady flow of supplements makes your body really start to feel the difference. More focused, more alert, more energized, more regular and overall more feeling good inside. The idea of our product line is to take all 3 supplements daily and continue each day to have that overall healthy digestive, focused and energized feeling. Taking a steady flow of supplements is when your body really starts to feel the difference. More focused, more alert, more energized, more regular and overall more feeling good inside. With 10 years of research and development under our belt, we deliver quality products you can afford right to your doorstep. 

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