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How to Celebrate Healthy Living On Earth Day

As the month of March comes to an end, we look towards April and all it has to offer. On the 22nd of April we are given the chance to celebrate Earth! Earth Day, which also marks the spring equinox, was created in hopes of honoring nature and all it gives us. On a day to day basis it can be easy to overlook all the blessings that the Earth offers, but Earth Day gives us a chance to slow down and remember that nature is the reason for the roofs over our heads and food on our plates. Keep reading to learn how to best honor Earth this coming month, the benefits of nature, and how you can take better care of the environment you live in. 

The Benefits of Nature to Your Health 

Helps to Boost Brain Power 

Being in nature helps your brain recover from fatigue. Have you ever felt overwhelmed and burnt out mentally? Coming out of mental fatigue can be extremely challenging, but nature might be the answer you are looking for. Breathing in fresh air and surrounding yourself with the elements of nature can help to reboot your brain. It can also be a great way to strengthen your cognitive function in general. 

Promotes Restful Sleep 

Spending time soaking up the sun can help to regulate the melatonin circadian rhythm. Melatonin helps to induce sleep, so spending time in the sun can help you to achieve a more restful night of sleep. 

Strengthen Your Immune System 

Phytoncides are natural chemicals that are released by elements of nature and are known to help build our immune systems. Exposure to sunlight also naturally increases your vitamin D levels which are also known to be linked to a stronger immune system both for men and women’s wellness. 

Reduces Stress and Promotes Happiness 

Have you ever had an exceptionally hard day? Nature might be the answer. Nature helps to reduce your levels of cortisol which is directly linked to stress. Taking in the beauty of nature through your own eyes can help to stimulate feelings of happiness as well. 

Overall, nature offers us so many benefits to our health. In terms of digestive health, nature helps to boost other aspects of our body that in turn support your digestion. Do not overlook the power of nature and its ability to heal your body from within. 

How To Honor Earth this Coming Month and On Earth Day 

Plant a Tree

Trees help to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air reducing the harmful impact of the substance on the environment. Planting more trees in your community can help to promote overall happiness as well. Trees can be a great aspect to any community park which also helps to invite more collaboration and connection between neighbors. 

Connect With Nature

Given that Earth Day is only one day a year, it is not too far-fetched to dedicate a portion of your day to simply enjoying the beauty around you. Take some time this coming Earth Day to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the feeling of the grass beneath your feet. Grounding – the act of settling your feet into the ground – can actually help you to feel more at peace. 

Host or Participate in a Clean-up Event 

Littering is a common issue around the world. Throwing our trash onto the streets is no way to honor all that Earth gives us. This Earth Day, gather your friends and local community to clean up community areas. 

Become Educated on The Earth and Our Environment 

Learning does not have to stop in the classroom. As our world is constantly evolving, so is the information needed to be properly informed. Take some time this Earth Day to educate yourself on our environment and how we can best take care of the world we live in. The only way we can ensure that the materials we get from the earth still provide us years from now, is by learning how best to nurture and take care of it in this present moment. 

Above all of us, awareness is key. Make sure to spread the word about Earth Day and what it means to you. This will help to spark conversation. 

How to Celebrate the Beauty of Earth for the Whole Month of April 

Unplug For a Day or Week 

We have communication and social interaction at our fingertips nowadays. It can be easy to forget about the real world from time to time when you have a small screen that contains so much of your life right in front of you. Use less energy this April and try to limit your screen time. This also can help to promote social interactions in real life rather than through phone. 

Be more Aware of Water Usage 

Do you take extra long showers in the morning or leave your faucet on while you brush your teeth? These overlooked privileges make your water usage levels much higher than needed. This April, try to be more cognizant about your water usage and try to limit your water usage when possible. For example, if you do love long showers in the morning, try limiting your long showers to only one or two times a week rather than every day. These small changes can make a big impact in the long run and can help you to appreciate your accessibility to what nature offers. 

Support Environmental Organizations

Take the time this coming month to explore how your local community is uplifting earth and its many materials that it offers. There are tons of organizations that are working day in and out to care for our world. They can be a great resource to turn to. 

All in all, we should be extremely grateful for everything that Earth offers us. We should celebrate nature and its many benefits each and every single day, but if you can put greater emphasis on it this month, the world will thank you for it!

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