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Here’s The Top Three Mistakes Women Make When They Experience Bloating

Have you ever experienced extreme bloating that sticks around for long periods of time? Extreme and prolonged bloating can feel quite frustrating, and it is natural to want to try and minimize the uncomfortable ailment. However, it is important to best understand what actions can help you reach a point of relief, because some bloat-reducing methods can cause more harm than good.

Three Mistakes That Could Further Exacerbate Your Bloating

  • Taking supplements with additives 

Supplements such as a probiotic for bloating can be quite beneficial in decreasing one’s bloating; however, it is important to take note of the ingredients in said supplement. Sometimes, supplements are filled with non-essential ingredients and additives that might do more harm than good. For example, a probiotic supplement for bloating can contain fillers such as sweeteners, food coloring, and preservatives. These fillers can cause adverse effects to not only your digestive system, but your overall health. 

When someone is experiencing bloating, they might latch onto the first supplement they find. Instead, make sure you are taking your time to look at the list of ingredients for the supplement of your choosing to be sure it will actually help you rather than harm you. 

  •  Drinking carbonated beverages

Some might claim that drinking carbonated beverages helps minimize digestive issues, while in reality carbonated beverages can actually promote more digestive complications. The bubbles that make up the carbonation actually cause you to build up more gas in your system. An excess amount of gas in your stomach is a trigger for bloating, not a cure! 

While the carbonation does promote burping, and in turn make you feel better, in the long run those bubbles will be the cause of even more bloating. Instead, try switching out the carbonated beverages for an herbal tea that has anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Eating raw vegetables

While vegetables are a pillar to maintaining a healthy diet, raw or cruciferous vegetables should be avoided when experiencing bloating. When a vegetable is raw it contains a fiber called cellulose. The cellulose can cause adverse issues to your digestion; however, cooking the vegetable will help to break down the cellulose, making the vegetable easier to digest. Cruciferous vegetables can also further exacerbate bloating due to their high sulfur content. Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are all considered cruciferous vegetables. 

Five Alternative Ways to Alleviate Your Bloating and Protect Your Gut 

Luckily, there are ways to minimize bloating properly. 

  • Yoga 

Trapped gas is a common culprit of bloating, and yoga can help your body release the trapped gas in a peaceful yet rejuvenating way. Yoga is a form of exercise that takes you through a series of different poses, many of which are known to help contract your muscles in a way that will help to release the gas and promote bowel movements. Not to mention, yoga is a great way to increase your circulation and your mood. 

  • Minimize salt intake 

An excessive amount of salt can cause your body to retain water. Water retention causes areas of the body to swell, including in the form of bloating. Be sure to avoid extra salty foods that can only negatively contribute to the issue, and instead increase your water intake. 

  • Give yourself an abdominal massage 

Sometimes all your body needs is that extra little push. Giving yourself an abdominal massage will help to promote bowel movements and release any pent up gas that is stored in your digestive tract. Massages also promote relaxation which is essential in keeping your stress levels down, and in turn your digestive system happy. 

  • Walk 

Sometimes we might feel so full to the point of frustration. Going on a leisurely walk helps to not only promote a healthy digestive process, but relieve any pent-up emotions one might be feeling. The increase in physical movement will promote gas relief. 

  • Take a bath 

Believe it or not, bloating can be further exacerbated by high stress levels. Taking a bath can be a great way to not only relax your body, but your mind. It is important to take care of yourself mentally, especially if you are hoping to staying in strong physical health. Both your mental and physical health are tied together, so implementing relaxing activities such as a bath, will help your overall health immensely! 

How To Know What Supplement Is Right For You 

Due to the overwhelming amount of bloating supplements on the market, it can feel challenging to find the perfect one for you. Like mentioned earlier, the ingredient list is one of the most important factors to consider when researching a supplement. It is important to understand the ingredients you will be nourishing your body with. Our supplements were created with this in mind. 

They all were made with all-natural ingredients that all serve a purpose when it comes to improving and nourishing a person’s overall health. Aside from essential ingredients such as probiotics and gut health enzymes, our supplements contain other natural ingredients that hold immense benefits such as fenugreek powder, dandelion root powder, and vitamin B12. 

Finding a supplement that contains all-natural ingredients, yet a load of benefits is incredibly essential for someone who values versatility and their time. The last thing you want to be doing is taking several handfuls of different supplements all looking to target one area of your health. Instead, try finding a supplement that does it all! Our specific 3-step wellness kit is the perfect choice for someone who is looking to support their digestion and beyond! 

Our vitamins target bloating and indigestion, but they do not stop there. Our supplements work to maintain one’s energy levels, promote circulation, strengthen one’s mind, and so much more. We understand that taking care of your digestive process requires consistency and attention to other aspects of one’s health, which is why we ensure our supplements are well-balanced and versatile. 

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Lastly, supplements are known to be offered in several different forms from capsule form, powder form, bar form, and liquid form. If you are someone who is always on-the-go, you might find that a capsule form is the best option. Finding the perfect supplement all depends on one’s own preferences and lifestyle, but above all, they should work towards a healthier you! 

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