Gut Health Trends To Consider Implementing In Your Routine

Gut Health Trends To Consider Implementing In Your Routine

We are back with another blog where we break down the latest trends that have been surrounding the gut health community online lately. We break down exactly how the specific trend works, and how they can be potentially beneficial for your lifestyle. With the overwhelming amount of content that is put out on social media every single day, it can become easy to lose sight about which methods might actually be effective in helping your digestive process. This is why we thought we would break down these trends for you twice a month, in hopes of helping you to adapt your routine with new and effective ways to boost your overall health. 

Using The Supplement Called L-Lysine To Reduce Inflammation 

There are people out there that claim that l-lysine has reduced inflammation in their bodies, and thus have led to a stronger gut. First, let's break down exactly what l-lysine is and what it is impacting in your body. 

L-lysine is an essential amino acid, but must be consumed or absorbed through the foods and supplements we consume, because our bodies cannot produce this amino acid on its own. L-lysine helps to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to become strong, and helps to produce a nutrient called carnitine. Carnitine is needed to increase energy levels. L-lysine also helps the body to absorb nutrients such as calcium, which is essential in creating healthy bones and maintaining collagen levels. 

Having a l-lysine deficiency can lead to a host of issues including fatigue, weak bones, appetite dysregulation, and anemia. Even though there is no direct evidence that l-lysine can improve digestive ailments, it can increase your overall health due to your body’s essential need for amino acid, and this will lead to an even stronger digestive system as a result. So, even though it is not going to specifically target your digestive issues, it is recommended to check in with your doctor about your l-lysine levels to ensure you are receiving enough to help your body thrive. 

Some foods that contain l-lysine include cod, eggs, soybeans, and pork. Soybeans are specifically a great option to consume, due to the benefits soy has to offer towards your digestive process. However, l-lysine is sold in supplement form if that fits your certain needs more. 

Consuming Soaked and Grounded Chia Seeds

While there has been a rise in popularity of people drinking chia seed water to promote a healthy digestive system, there has also been conversation about how best to consume chia seed water. 

First, let’s break down the benefits of having chia seeds in your diet. Chia seeds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Their high levels of fiber make it extremely beneficial for your digestive system, because fiber helps to bulk up your stool making it easier to pass and helping with issues such as constipation. Chia seeds can also help to reduce overeating, because it leaves you feeling full for longer which helps you to avoid reaching for that midday snack. Lastly, given its small density, chia seeds are a very versatile ingredient that can be added to a variety of different meals.

However, aside from meals there have been a ton of claims that soaking chia seeds in water can lead to even more benefits for your health. This is because, when you soak chia seeds in water you are essentially giving the enzymes in the food time to emerge, which makes it easier on the body to digest as well as increasing the amount of nutrients your body is  able to absorb. Similarly, if you take it a step further and grind the chia seeds before adding it to the water, you are making the food even more digestible for your body leading to only beneficial results. 

This being said, chia seeds can be eaten without being soaked in water or even grinded, it just depends on the amount of nutrient levels you want to receive from them and the specific recipe you are wanting to create. No matter what, chia seeds are an amazing addition to your diet and your digestive system. Just be sure to maintain a healthy level of hydration while consuming chia seeds. 

How You Are Chewing Your Food Can Transform Your Digestive System 

Another popular topic that people have been focusing on is how we should be eating for optimal digestion. Specifically, there have been claims that chewing your food for longer will help you have better digestion. We are here to explain to you why this is definitely true, and why you should be ensuring that you chew your food thoroughly before fully consuming it. 

Chewing your food helps to break down the particles in larger foods into smaller particles that are easier for your body to digest. When you neglect to properly chew your food, it can lead to indigestion and heartburn. When you are chewing, you are also producing more saliva in your mouth which helps to progress the digestive process as well. Poorly digested foods from a lack of chewing can lead to bloating

Chewing your food for longer also means that you are being more mindful about how you are eating which also results in better digestion, because it gives your body enough time to signal to you that it is full before you are able to overeat. 

That concludes our latest gut health enzyme updates for this month. When it comes to achieving optimal digestion, there is always a new method or food that is being discovered in terms of its benefits for your health. 

Since everyone’s body is different, it is important to remember that what might work for someone else might not end up working out for you. That is why being able to understand how these methods work is vital. Be sure to check back next month to hear about the latest gut health trends and whether or not they are worth implementing into your routine. As always, be sure to reach out to your doctor about any new supplements and methods you are using to better your digestion. 

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