supplements for weight loss for females

Gut Health: Supplements for Weight Loss For Females

Like most parts of our bodies, our gut and our brain health has been found to be connected in many ways. This means that your gut health and your brain health are also connected, which is why making sure you are maintaining both and understanding the importance of keeping your gut health in check is super vital. 

First, let’s start off with understanding how exactly our gut works, that way we can better understand what steps we need to take to ensure it is in tip top shape. 

What Our Gut Does For Us

The gut, which is formally known as the gastrointestinal tract, is responsible for processing all of the food we put into our bodies from the second it enters our bodies to the moment it comes out or is absorbed. This process is why it is so important to try and avoid indigestion, as it is the main outlet to avoid any pesky indigestion symptoms like acid reflux, bloating, and gas. 

Ways to Heal Your Gut 

If you find yourself struggling with keeping your gut healthy, there are ways to work towards a better gut and ultimately a healthier you. 

One of the main reasons why people find themselves struggling with an unhealthy gut and indigestion is because they are eating foods that their bodies cannot process properly. Creating a healthy diet full of natural foods can create a healthy place for your gut to live. Knowing what is right for your own body is super vital to understanding how to combat any unwanted symptoms. 

Some of the main foods that people sometimes are sensitive to are dairy products and gluten products. Other foods that many people find affect them are highly processed/fatty foods or foods with high sugar content. 

Here are some foods to add instead to your diet:

  • Yoghurt: Yoghurt has many probiotics that can help because it contains a high number of healthy bacteria that your gut needs to function properly. Add it into your breakfast routine to see how it works for you. 
  • Bananas: Bananas are full of healthy bacteria that our bodies happily welcome. The goods news about this one is that it can easily be added into your daily routine as an afternoon snack. 
  • Fermented food: Foods like sauerkraut and kimchi can be beneficial due to their fermentation properties. Fermented foods are beneficial for the gut due to its probiotic properties as well as containing a high amount of fibre and vitamins that your body needs. 

Although trying to take certain foods out of your diet may seem daunting at first, the benefits outweigh the downsides. 

Benefits of a Healthy Gut

When your gut is in great condition you can see the benefits in many aspects of your day to day life. The microbiome in your gut determines things like your weight and metabolism. If you are someone looking to lose weight or want to boost your metabolism, figuring out what foods to eliminate to fix your gut is vital to seeing these positive results. 

Having a healthy gut also helps to make sure your immune system is in good shape. No one likes to get sick as it can get in the way of many exciting events most of the time, so keeping your gut in shape is just another defense to add to your immune system.

Lastly, your gut health also helps to keep your brain happy and healthy. If you are someone who has found themselves feeling foggy in the brain or just down in the dumps more often, trying to figure out if it is the foods you are consuming can be a game changer. 

Some Helpful Hints For Your Gut Journey 

Now that you understand how important keeping your gut health in check is, you have to figure out a way to understand your own gut as everyones is different. 

One great way of trying to figure out what foods you are sensitive to is by keeping a food diary. Just grab your nearest free notebook, and start jotting down all the things you eat throughout your day along with any digestive issues or non issues you notice. This could include things like diarrhea, realizing you need to run to the bathroom right after a meal, indigestion, or even constipation.

After keeping a diary log for some time, you can start to notice any trends that might appear. For example, if you notice that eating pizza makes you go to the bathroom right away it could mean that your gut is not dairy friendly and taking it out might help you reach those benefits we mentioned earlier. 

There are also many supplements for women that can be beneficial for your gut health. The main supplement that you should highly consider adding is a probiotic! Our probiotic called Probiotic Renu contains natural ingredients created to support you.

It includes bifido probiotic cultures which aids in the digestion of many complex carbs and fibers that your body may otherwise have an issue digesting. It also contains lacto probiotic cultures which contain lactase that helps control the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut. 

If you take these steps to maintain your gut health you will find that many aspects of your life will benefit from it. 

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