Gut Health News Updates

Gut Health News Updates

We are back with another breakdown of the latest digestive tips and tricks that have been circulating the internet recently. When it comes to learning how to best take care of your digestive health, it can be quite overwhelming to hear of just how many different methods there are out there, but it is important to choose the ones that are best for your body specifically. Our digestive process needs a well rounded environment in order to be able to thrive meaning that not only should you be following basic rituals such as taking your vitamins that help with bloating, but also making sure you are eating healthy and staying consistently active. Today, we are going to break down three different trends that have been circulating the internet including a specific workout you can follow, the cooking tip you need in your life, and the best stretches that people have been noticing helps with their digestion. 

How To Practice Yoga For Better Digestion 

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on healing the body through movement, meditation, and breathing. It requires not only physical focus but mental focus on the task at hand. Due to the rise in mental health awareness and digestive health awareness, more and more people have been turning to yoga in order to heal and better equip their bodies on a day to day basis. 

On social media there have been a number of different users who have claimed they have found that participating in specific poses is beneficial for their digestive process. The following is a compiled list of yoga poses that you can add to your daily exercise routine to give your body that added boost of support. 

  1. The Seated Twist
  2. The Supine Twist 
  3. The Wind Relieving Pose
  4. The Happy Baby Pose

Both the seated twist and supine twist poses are known to help to stimulate your digestive process through the twisting motion your body is in. It helps to move the food and waste in your system efficiently through the gastrointestinal tract, and can be very helpful for those who struggle with normal bowel movements. Twists can also help the flow of energy throughout your system and can help lengthen your spinal cord. 

The wind relieving pose helps to massage the organs in your body including the ones in your abdomen. It can also alleviate tension in your stomach that can be caused by overeating or indigestion. In the happy baby pose, your stomach is able to expand more freely which can help to get rid of any pent up gas in your system. 

While the results vary from person to person, these yoga poses along with many others are a great way to get your body moving during your week while also specifically promoting healthy digestion. 

The Importance of Massaging This Fall Fan Favorite 

Kale is a great addition to add to your meals during the fall, and has been featured in numerous recipes throughout social media recently. This leafy green is extremely versatile when it comes to meals, but many social media users are stressing the importance of massaging your kale before consumption for better digestion. For those who are unfamiliar with using kale in their recipes, this cooking tip can really transform your use of kale and its nutritious benefits for your

Given that kale has more of a bitter flavor when it comes right out of nature, it can be hard for some to see its appeal, but that is one of the reasons why massaging the kale is so important. When you massage your kale with oil, lemon juice, or a similar substance it helps to break down the toughness of the kale making it more tender and flavorful. Massaging the kale also breaks down the fibers of the green so that your body is able to digest it more efficiently. 

Kale is jam packed with a variety of different nutrients including vitamin A, C, and B6 while also being low in calories. This is why it is super popular in many weight friendly meals. It can be used as a base to your salads or can be added to your smoothies in the mornings. 

How Having Proper Posture Helps With Digestion 

In addition to stretching and making smart choices in terms of your eating habits, many people are also exploring the importance of having proper posture. Throughout our day, we might find ourselves sitting at a desk for over several hours. This can cause poor posture and can lead to many issues including back pain, change in appearance of our physical body, and poor digestion. Believe it or not, we are more likely to have bad posture when we are not sustaining our bodies with nutritious substances. A lack of vitamins can cause weak bones and muscles making it harder for your body to have good

When you are slouching, it causes you to put weight on your abdomen which can lead to the acid in your stomach going to the wrong areas of your stomach. When you constipate while trying to use the restroom you can also push your body into a state of constipation, because it makes it harder to have regular bowel movements. Be sure you are practicing proper posture right after a meal to avoid causing acid reflux.  

One of the most important components of having consistently good posture is simply by reminding yourself throughout the day. It can become easy to forget about it and this leads to these issues over time, but if you are giving yourself reminders throughout the day to get out of your chair and stand or stretch it can make all the difference. There are also pillows that you can purchase to add to your desk chair to make practicing good posture more enjoyable. 

While poor digestion is not the only concern when it comes to poor posture, many people online do acknowledge that it is a part of the issue. Be sure to come back every month as we break down the latest digestive tricks on the internet and how efficient they are in combating digestive ailments. 

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