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Fitness Journey and The Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women


Each person’s fitness journey and goals are going to look different from one another; however, it is a universal experience to feel frustration when it doesn’t feel like you are seeing any results from the work you are putting in. Achieving fitness goals is a long-winded process that requires consistency, dedication, and awareness to one’s specific needs. 

This being said, there are some key mistakes that people tend to make when deciding to start a fitness journey. Let’s break down some key mistakes people make on their fitness journey, how best to prepare yourself for a fitness journey, and what might be able to help you along the way. 

Key Mistakes People Tend to Make When Starting a Fitness Journey 

Not understanding one’s own needs

Each person’s goals are going to look different, which means that one cannot follow someone else’s fitness routine and expect it to give them the same results it gave that other person. It is important to identify your own needs before deducing how your fitness routine is going to look. For example, you might struggle with malabsorption of nutrients, which could heavily impact your health and your ability to achieve certain goals. It is best to identify any areas of weakness or complication in your health to best create your fitness routine. You can do this by speaking with your physician about your goals. 

Prioritizing quantity of activities over quality 

Starting a fitness journey can be filled with excitement and an eagerness to achieve. It is crucial that you feel positive about making these lifestyle changes in your routine, but it is also important to understand that it will not be built in one day. A lifestyle change requires consistency and patience to foster results. Make sure that you are allowing your body the chance to adjust to your new way of living. Sometimes restricting yourself or adding activities too quickly can result in burnout and discouragement. Make sure you are giving yourself the grace that is needed to succeed. 

Ignoring the importance of sleep and rest

Sleeping and resting is just as vital a pillar to your fitness journey as the diet and exercise. When you are sleeping and resting, you are allowing your body the chance to recuperate and heal. In terms of exercising, rest is incredibly important because it is the time that your body uses to repair itself after strenuous activity. Make sure you are allowing your muscles and overall body the time it needs to repair and in turn become stronger. Sleep is also important to avoid chronic stress or fatigue. 

How to Prepare Yourself for the Transition into a Healthier Lifestyle 

Host a kitchen clean out 

A healthy well-balanced diet is the pillar of most fitness journeys. Processed foods, refined sugars, and items that are classified as ‘junk foods’ can all have a negative impact on your health and in turn your goals. Before starting your new fitness routine, consider hosting a kitchen cleanout where you ensure all of the foods in your kitchen will contribute to a healthier and well-balanced diet. This will help you to avoid indulging in certain foods throughout the week, and instead force you to reach for a healthier alternative. 

Build a strong support system 

Like with any other major life development, it is important to have loved ones by your side. A support system filled with your loved ones can be a great source of motivation and guidance for you throughout your fitness journey. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will have its ups and its downs, and having your loved ones’ support can make all the difference. 

Brainstorm workout activities 

Discouragement is one of the highest reasons why people tend to lose sight of their fitness goals before they even really begin. Going to a new gym or starting a new fitness class can seem really daunting, and might not be fitness activities that you find enjoyable. Before starting your fitness journey, brainstorm activities that you think you might enjoy. That way, you will have a list of activities to turn to throughout your journey, and there will be less of a chance that you feel bored or discouraged throughout the process. 

Certain Suggestions To Help Your Fitness Journey Along 

The vitamins and substances you are consuming are just as important as the exercise you are doing. It is important to note that a fitness journey requires awareness of all aspects of one’s health, not simply the physical aspects. The following are certain supplements that help with bloating and other health ailments that you can take to better support healthy living:

  • A probiotic supplement, such as Probiotic Renu, is made up of live microorganisms that are incredibly beneficial for your gut health. A healthy gut can positively impact a host of different sectors of your health including your energy levels, your ability to digest foods properly, and your skin’s health. Taking a probiotic daily can help reduce stomach bloating, regulate bowel movements, and increase your body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful to take along your fitness journey, because they are known to help reduce inflammation and can reduce muscle soreness caused by intense exercise. These can be taken in the form of a supplement, or can also be found in certain foods such as fish and nuts. 
  • Vitamin D, the sun supplement, can help to improve the strength of your muscles. It helps your body retain calcium which is vital to building strong bones. Not to mention, vitamin D can reduce your chances of getting an infection and can act as a mood booster. 
  • A protein powder can be a great addition to your fitness routine. Protein powder can be a great way to sneak in some extra protein throughout your day, especially if you are someone who struggles with hitting the recommended daily intake. Be sure that the protein powder you choose is free of additives and unnecessary sugar as this will only hurt you rather than help you. 
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