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Fall Favorites Including These Gut Health Tips

The fall season is upon us, and I, for one, could not be more ecstatic. While I enjoy the summer months just as much as the next person, the crisp air, colorful leaves, and sweet treats at my local cafe make fall such a special season to experience. However, with the change in season comes effects on our brains and bodies that we might not even be aware of. Due to these changes, there are rituals I implement at the beginning of fall to make my transition into the new season as smooth as possible. Let me share my must-do activities in the morning and evenings during the fall months to ensure my health and happiness. 

Rituals To Implement In Your Fall Morning Routine

The change in weather can leave some of us feeling more down than usual because less sun exposure means a decrease in our vitamin D levels, and our bodies' internal clocks become disrupted. Our serotonin levels decrease, leaving many of us in a poor mental headspace. The morning is a great time to try and combat the remnants of these effects. Here are some activities I always aim to achieve in the mornings to ensure I am giving my brain and body the support it needs for the day ahead. 

1. Check-In and Journal 

Giving yourself time in the morning to evaluate your feelings can completely transform your day. Especially at the beginning of a seasonal transition, we must give ourselves the grace to feel all the emotions that might arise. When we acknowledge our thoughts and feelings, we give them less power so that we may be more in control and at ease for the day ahead. 

2. Celebrate the Season 

Each season has its perks, and fall is no different. Immersing yourself in all the season has to offer is a great way to boost your mental health and enjoy every moment as it comes. Whipping up a sweet beverage with fall flavors or going outside and taking in the changing colors of the leaves are some of my favorite ways to celebrate fall in the mornings. 

3. Review or Make Your To-do List 

Making or reviewing your to-do list for the day is a great way to promote productivity, especially if you tend to get distracted when the weather changes. You are less likely to procrastinate or allow yourself to get sucked into the gloomy weather when you have a list of things to check off in front of you. Whether you make it in the mornings or evenings, be sure to look at that list first thing in the morning. 

Practices That Will Transform Your Fall Evening Routine 

The weather in the fall can also brutally impact our skin’s health due to the harsh winds and cold temperatures. Evenings are a great time to practice self-care and rejuvenate your skin and body from the day’s adventures. Here are my three favorite self-care rituals to implement in the fall. 

1. Face Steaming 

Facial steaming helps to open up your pores, hydrate your skin, increase circulation, and can help fight developing acne. Hydration and increased circulation can be a game changer in the colder months when your skin needs as much support as possible. Facial steaming can be done by boiling water, transferring it to a temperature-safe bowl, and putting your head over it with a towel to cover the bowl’s edges. While there are other ways to facial steam, this is the most cost-friendly.

2. Hydrate Your Skin

Your face is not the only part of your skin that needs extra tender loving care in the colder months. Be sure to give extra attention to all of your skin to avoid developing dry and taut skin from the harsh weather. A skincare routine can be a significant part of your evening routine post-shower. Hydration care in the evening is critical because your skin tends to lose more hydration overnight. 

3. Essential Oil Diffuser 

While I keep my diffuser in use year-round, it especially becomes helpful in the fall and winter months when I require extra sleep and immunity support. Each essential oil has a different benefit, but the three I tend to keep in rotation in the fall include lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile oil. If you do not own a diffuser, certain oils can also be added to your pillow or even in your bath. Research the specific oil and its uses before adding it to your routine. 

How To Keep Your Digestive Tract Strong and Healthy In The Fall Season 

Taking care of one’s digestive tract entails many of the same pillars year-round, including a probiotic supplement, a probiotic that helps with bloating, and a leaky gut supplement. However, you can support your digestive tract in additional ways, specifically in the fall. 

I always prioritize increasing my intake of leafy greens during the fall months. Many frost-resistant greens are in season during the fall, making them more nutritionally beneficial for your body. Leafy greens, in particular, help with digestion because they contain digestive enzymes that help your body break down the foods you consume and brighten up your fall dishes. 

The colder weather also calls for soup season. Soups are a great chance to add various ingredients to your meals. Diversity in meals helps to boost your digestion and strengthen your microbiome. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of your meals and add nutrient-dense ingredients such as kale, sweet potatoes, squash, and artichoke. 

Last but not least, the fall season is the time for transition from iced beverages to warm beverages. Nothing is better than winding down on the couch with a hot cup of herbal tea. Not only might this be the most comforting experience one can have, but it also helps with your digestion. 

Ending the night with an herbal tea that supports your digestive tract can promote regular bowel movements and debloating. My personal favorite fall tea is chamomile tea with a dash of cinnamon. While the summer might be coming to an end, that does mean the sunshine has to end. Let us brighten up our fall season by finding ways to embrace the beauty of the season and all it has to offer.

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