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Consider These Lifestyle Changes and The Vitamin for Bloating

Believe it or not, it is the small actions we take on a day-to-day basis that impact our overall health. The actions that may seem insignificant in the moment, could be the reason for your strong sense of health, or lack thereof. That is why it is crucial to implement health habits that will only benefit you and eliminate the ones that could be causing harm. 

Lifestyle changes are not easy to make and it will require dedication, but the positive impact it could have on your life is incredibly impressive. We want to share with you some common lifestyle changes you can make and health habits you can implement to positively improve your quality of life. 

Health Habits That Could Be Impacting Your Physical Health and Changes To Make 

A person’s diet and eating habits impacts their energy levels and the way their body’s systems function. Here are some common habits people adopt that can negatively impact their physical health: 

  • Skipping Meals - Skipping meals can disrupt one’s metabolism and can negatively impact their energy levels for the day. A person’s body needs a sufficient amount of nutrients consistently throughout the day to properly function. When life gets busy, some people tend to sacrifice their meals for work or other responsibilities. Consider packing snacks for long days at the office in order to avoid skipping out on essential nutrients. 
  • Avoiding Routine Check-Ups - When is the last time you schedule a trip to the doctor’s office for your routine screening? People tend to overlook the importance of routine check-ups. Regular screenings can help to catch any potentially concerning symptoms early on, can help track your nutrient intake to ensure everything is at a healthy level, and it offers you a chance to discuss any concerns you might have with a physician. 
  • Eating Imbalanced Meals - As delicious as a bowl of mac and cheese or ramen is from time to time, eating imbalanced meals such as these consistently throughout your week can lead to malnutrition. It is crucial to ensure you are getting a healthy amount of all macronutrients in your diet. For example, instead of just eating the mac and cheese, consider adding broccoli and grilled chicken to the dish to round out its nutritional value. 
  • Improper Hygiene Practices - Poor hygiene habits such as neglecting to brush your teeth or neglecting to wash your hands will only lead to complications and potential illnesses. Try to make an effort to prioritize these hygiene habits in your daily routine. 

Lifestyle Changes to Make to Improve Your Gut Health 

Taking care of one’s overall health goes hand in hand with monitoring one’s gut health. Luckily, there are some common ways to strengthen your gut microbiome and achieve a healthy digestive process. 

  1. Switch out your coffee for water in the morning - As tempting as it might be to grab that morning cup of coffee first thing in the morning, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can actually cause digestive discomfort. Coffee increases your stomach acid leading to issues such as heartburn and acid reflux – especially on an empty stomach. Instead, consider drinking water in the morning and allow your stomach to settle into the day with some food before turning to caffeine. 
  2. Add a probiotic for bloating into your supplement regimen - Probiotics contain live microorganisms that help to feel the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Your gut microbiome thrives off of beneficial bacteria and a thriving environment will lead to regulated bowel movements and proper waste removal. Bloating supplements such as Probiotic Renu will help you to achieve proper digestion with just one added habit to your routine. 
  3. Switch out screen time for reading - Are you guilty of scrolling on your phone before bed or in the mornings? Screen time in the evenings can disrupt your body’s ability to relax before bed and lead to restless sleep. When your body does not get the rest it needs, it will struggle to perform its duties such as proper digestion. Consider a new evening activity such as reading or journaling before bed. 

Health Habits to Implement to Your Daily Routine to Improve Your Mental Health

Now that we have covered small lifestyle changes you can make to better your physical and digestive health, let us break down how best to maintain your mental health!

  1. Exercise - A sedentary lifestyle can cause you to become fatigued, weak, and anxious. Exercise is a pillar to leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can raise your endorphin levels, help reduce stress, and make you physically stronger. Oftentimes, people handle stress by participating in a toxic activity such as drinking or smoking. Exercise can be a great replacement for these activities and can only help you rather than hurt you. 
  2. Call your loved ones - Given how quickly life goes nowadays, it can be challenging to find time to connect with your loved ones. Social connectedness is crucial to maintaining your mental health. Relationships with others is what allows humans to feel connected. Try to build the habit of calling your friends and family whenever you get the chance. 
  3. Wake up early - Have you ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? Finding time to dedicate to oneself can be challenging, which is why we recommend waking up early each morning. Waking up even just one hour earlier each morning can give you the time you need to center yourself. 
  4. Tidy up in the evenings - Household chores can start to add up when they are neglected. In order to keep your environment clean and tidy, try to dedicate a little bit of time each evening to cleaning up. Even if it is just for twenty minutes, cleaning each night can help you to avoid having to do a major clean up in the future. 

Leading a healthy life is made up of more than just a balanced diet and a skincare routine. It requires implementing those healthy habits in every aspect of one’s life. We hope we have inspired you to evaluate your habits so that you can best decide how to enhance your life and health for the better!

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