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Changes to Make to Your Routine to Achieve Healthy Living

There are common habits people tend to have that limit their ability to live their life in the healthiest way possible. We are going to break down some of these common habits and how you can transform them so that they bring positive change into your life. 

How to Elevate Your Eating Habits and Diet to Support Your Body and Mind 

  1. Cook At Home - When the week gets ahead of us and our responsibilities start adding up, it can seem tempting to reach for the takeout number instead of cooking at home. However, it is important to keep in mind the impact that eating out excessively can have on your body. Takeout food tends to have high fat, sugar, and cholesterol content. All of these things in high excess can lead to health risks such as developing heart disease. Staying committed to cooking at home can massively impact your health in a positive manner. Challenge yourself this week by trying to cook at home for all meals. 
  2. Eat 3 Meals a Day - Skipping breakfast is a common habit people tend to have. While some have claimed that there is potential merit to fasting in the mornings, the habit can actually work against you sometimes. When you send your body into fasting mode, your hunger instinct increases and you might develop poor eating habits such as overeating. It can also negatively impact your digestive health leading to issues such as bloating and constipation. While bloating supplements and vitamins with gut health enzymes is a great way to protect your digestive health, it does not protect from the potential complications that come with missing meals. Try and eat three meals a day to see the impact it has on your energy levels, hunger instinct, and digestive health. 
  3. Make Dinner An Occasion - Throughout our day, we tend to be constantly distracted by the many responsibilities we have in our lives. It can become easy to be distracted during mealtimes. Our focus during meals impacts how our body receives and uses the food. Give your body the chance to properly digest the foods you are consuming by limiting distractions during dinner time. You can make it a social activity by inviting friends over rather than watching television. Take note of how this change impacts your body and mind. 

How These Three Habits Might Be Hindering The Quality of Your Sleep 

Sleep is incredibly important for your health. Poor sleep quality can impact your energy levels, increase your chances of getting sick, increase stress and anxiety levels, and raise your chances of being irritable towards yourself or others. The good news is there are certain habits you can implement to ensure you are prioritizing your sleep quality! 

  1. Invest In Your Bedroom - Your bedroom is an environment that should bring one peace and relaxation. The temperature in the room, the quality of pillows or sheets, and the lighting are all factors that can impact the quality of sleep you get. Make sure to change up the scenery in your room if you find that it is negatively impacting your ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly. 
  2. Eliminate Naps - Even though taking a midday nap sounds tempting, this habit can actually decrease your chances of achieving restful sleep at night. If you are someone who is prone to taking midday naps, you should consider why your energy levels are so low at this time. Low blood sugar levels, caffeine intake, a lack of exercise, and/or unhealthy midday meals can all contribute to your need for a midday nap. Consuming caffeine or energy-raising foods can help you to mitigate sleepiness during the day. 
  3. Journal before bed - Sometimes people struggle with getting quality sleep because their mind is running through 1,000 thoughts a minute. If you are someone who tends to overthink or struggle with calming their mind, you should consider journaling before bed. Journaling can be a great way to get your thoughts on paper so that they are not overwhelming your mind. It can also be a great way to summarize your day and focus on the positive moments that occurred. 

How to Maximize Your Time to Avoid Burnout and Achieve Peace

Time is special and something that we get in limited amounts, so learning how best to use your time is vital to success in achieving a healthy lifestyle. When we struggle with using our time wisely we are more likely to take shortcuts or cut out healthy habits from our life such as cooking at home, exercising, and cleaning our personal spaces. In order to find time to stick to your responsibilities while also keeping with healthy habits, you should consider the following:

1. Make a List of To-Do’s 

A to-do list can be a great way to keep track of all the things you are responsible for. When we do not create a to-do list, we are more likely to waste time throughout the day rather than getting through our list in a timely manner. To-do lists can also help you narrow down what chores are most important to you so that you can prioritize the more important tasks first. 

2. Do Not Underestimate Waking Up Early 

While you might be able to get ready in half an hour, that does not mean you should wake up half an hour before you have to leave your house. Giving yourself extra time in the mornings can make all the difference in regards to your productivity levels and stress levels. The mornings can be sacred and used to check-in with yourself – both your body and mind. Invest in your mornings and in turn yourself.

3. Delegate

It can be really hard to ask for help sometimes, but relying on your support system is nothing to be ashamed of. Our loved ones are connected with us because they want us to succeed, and if that means asking for help from time to time, then there is no reason we should avoid doing so. Sometimes delegating certain responsibilities to your loved ones will make all the difference in your stress and anxiety levels. 

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