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Brain Power: Weight Loss Vitamins for Women and More

As we all know our brain is the organ that helps us decide day to day decisions, while also being the most complex part of our bodies. Fueling our brain with the right things is vital to ensure that it is up and running at tip top shape. Not only are there practices that can help us workout our brains to make it stronger but there are also foods and supplements we can take to nourish this important part of who we are.

Something else to keep in mind is that our brains have a lot of power over how we view ourselves and the world around us. This is why making sure we are taking care of it can mean the difference between positive mental health and the detrimental effects of a negative brain. 

Foods to Help Nourish Your Brain 

  • Fatty Fishes - Any fish lovers out there? Well if you are, you are in luck! Fish including salmon, sardines, albacore tuna, and trout are all composed of omega-3 fatty acids that are vital in building nerve and brain cells.Not only does it contribute to the overall fat content in your brain that is beneficial for your memory, but studies have linked fish consumption with a rise in gray matter in the brain.Gray matter has nerve cells that are beneficial in your overall memory and decision making abilities. Be sure to incorporate a delicious fish dinner night into your routine to promote a healthy brain.
  • Coffee - If you like to start your days with a piping hot cup of coffee it is not only a beneficial way to give you that extra boost of energy to keep you going but it also helps promote a healthy brain. Coffee blocks a chemical messenger called adenosine that makes you feel sleepy, which in turn promotes alertness in your overall demeanor. Coffee also improves your overall mood and sharpens your concentration. Other caffeinated and natural drinks like green tea would also have similar benefits.
  • Blueberries and Broccoli - Not only are fruits and vegetables beneficial for your overall health, but it helps with your brain power. Blueberries have a lot of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which helps to stop brain aging that can come from stress and inflammation. You can add this to your morning oatmeal or eat as your afternoon snack for that extra little boost. As far as broccoli, it is linked to high amounts of vitamin K that is known to aid in memory and cognitive function.
  • Dark Chocolate - Who knew that one of the most popular guilty pleasures could be beneficial for your brain? I sure didn’t, but dark chocolate is actually jam packed with antioxidants, caffeine, and flavonoids all of which are your brain’s best friend. Flavonoids are known to stick to the memory and learning parts of your brain, which means that adding dark chocolate to your snack rotation will boost that memory and help slow down any aging that might be coming. 

Activities That Could Help To Keep Your Brain In Tip Top Shape

  • Mental Exercise - There are many ways to keep your brain working, but as long as you are adding one into your routine will mean all the world to your brain health. Activities such as reading, word searches/puzzles, and painting can act as exercise for your mind. Not only will your brain grow stronger, but having hobbies is just as vital to have a healthy environment for your mental health.
  • Physical Exercise - Physical Exercise is just as important as mental exercise due to what using your muscles does to your overall body and brain. Exercise increases the connection between your brain cells, and many of the other benefits that physical exercise contributes like lowering your blood pressure, helps balance your sugar levels, and reducing your mental stress are all connected to your overall health levels.If you are looking to make a change in your overall health weight wise including losing weight, there are also a lot of weight loss vitamins that can be beneficial along with your physical exercise that could help you reach your goals.
  • Diet and Alcohol Consumption - It is no secret that having a healthy diet is beneficial for many reasons, but sticking to a Mediterranean like diet is especially beneficial for your brain power. Like previously mentioned, foods such as fish, nuts, and plant proteins are all key components of contributing to creating a healthy environment for your brain.Another thing to keep in mind is the detrimental effects of alcohol on your brain. Alcohol negatively affects your memory and contributes to creating a path that could lead to dementia if you choose to excessively drink. Keeping an eye on your consumption is recommended. 

Your Brain is Important, Taking Care of it is Just As Important 

Overall, knowing what is good for your brain is the first step to making sure you are taking care of it properly. There are many dietary supplements that can be beneficial to your brain, while saving you time throughout your day. If you are looking for a supplement to help aid you in your cognitive function, our product  Metaboliz is composed of one pill that you can take during that afternoon slump to avoid any brain fog in the middle of your work day. Diet and exercise is especially vital when it comes to making sure your brain is being properly taken care of.

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