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Bloating Supplements and Organizing Tips to Transform Your Spring

With the coming of the spring season, we all get the opportunity to freshen up the areas in our lives that are getting neglected. Participating in spring cleaning does not only have to go as far as cleaning your physical areas, but can include checking in on your mental health as well. Today, we are going to break down the benefits of spring cleaning, how to give your health a boost this season, and how to participate in some mental spring cleaning. 

Why You Should Not Skip Out on Spring Cleaning This Year

Reduces Stress Levels

When our personal areas become cluttered with unnecessary items, we can start to become stressed as a result. Spring cleaning is a great way to tidy up the environments in which you spend your daily life. This can help us to feel more at ease in our environment, and allow us to efficiently focus on our responsibilities.

Quality Sleep

Do you know the feeling of crawling into a bed with a fresh set of sheets on it? This feeling is like no other, and our sleep is a reflection of that. When we sleep in clean sheets, we are more likely to sleep peacefully, and without disruption. While spring cleaning should not be the only time you prioritize cleaning your sheets, it can act as a motivation to start implementing routine cleaning habits. Since cleaning one’s bedding can be a hassle, we recommend designating a specific day of your week to prioritize this healthy habit.

Gets Your Body Moving

It can be very easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle during the winter months, which is why spring cleaning can be a great way to motivate yourself to start moving your body again. A true spring cleaning event will have you moving all around your house, and before you know it, you will be working up a sweat. Consider it your workout for the day!

Improves Breathing and Minimizes Sinus Effects

The reduction in pollen, dust, and mites bouncing around your house is one of the most beneficial aspects of spring cleaning. Given the fact that the furniture within a home does not move very often, it starts to collect dust and other elements quite quickly. All of this dust can be very detrimental to our health and the quality of our breathing.

Giving your house an in-depth cleaning and dusting during the springtime can truly make all the difference. Similarly to washing you sheets, try and implement this cleaning routine into your weekly habits to avoid the buildup that many tend to see during their spring cleaning. 

How to Boost Your Health This Spring Season 

Minimize Alcohol and Increase Your Water Intake

As the months start to become warmer in the springtime, it is important that we avoid drinking excess amounts of alcohol and increase our water intake. Alcohol can have detrimental effects to our health, and can further exacerbate issues such as dehydration. Dehydration can cause a host of different issues including constipation, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and inflammation. The increase in heat also causes us to sweat more, meaning our water intake needs to be increased to balance it out. 

Take a Probiotic Supplement

Spring can be a great time to implement healthy habits into your routine that can vastly improve your health. Taking a supplement that helps with bloating such as Probiotic Renu, will ensure that your digestive health is being supported. Probiotic Renu can help you to achieve no more bloat in your stomach due to the bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures it contains. A probiotic can help to minimize harmful bacteria in your gut, and instead help to promote the growth of healthy bacteria. 

Avoid Pollen and Minimize Allergy Symptoms

It is no secret that the springtime is beautiful due to the blooming flowers and vast green hills that tends to accompany it, but with these developments comes pollen. Pollen is produced by seed plants and can contaminate the area that we breathe in when roaming outside. Pollen can be a trigger of allergy symptoms for many individuals. If this is the case for you, try minimizing your exposure to pollen by closing your windows at home and avoid spending time outside on windy days.

Ways to Check-In and Improve Your Mental Health at This Point of the Year

The act of organizing can be just as beneficial for our minds as it is our environment. In addition to your regular spring cleaning routine, try and reset your mental health this season by taking the time to truly understand where you are at mentally. Journaling, speaking to loved ones, and meditating can all be great ways to help reorganize your mind. If you are someone who sets goals at the beginning of the year, this might be a great time to check in on those goals and reset the steps you need to take to achieve them. If you did not set goals at the beginning of the year, maybe you feel now is a great time to do so. No matter what point in life you are at, decluttering your mind will give you a sense of peace, new determination, and clarity. 

We all have busy schedules, and sometimes it can feel so overwhelming that we forget to take time for ourselves. This spring, give yourself the chance to feel pampered and rejuvenated by participating in some of your favorite activities. Whether this means heading to your local theater to watch a new film, or painting away the day on your patio, try to set aside a day or time and dedicate it to the things you love. Allow your mind the chance to simply enjoy itself, especially if you are experiencing levels of burnout! 

Spring cleaning is not an easy feat, but done correctly, it can leave you feeling ready to take on the world. Allow yourself the chance to experience peace not only in your environment, but in your mind!

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