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A Probiotic for Bloating and Rest

Probiotics can be found in the form of a supplement or in the food we consume, and are live microorganisms that maintain the beneficial bacteria in one’s body. While probiotics are known to help maintain your gut health, there are loads of other benefits that probiotics have to offer — including improving your quality of sleep. Have you ever felt as if no matter how much you sleep, you still struggle to feel rejuvenated in the morning? Sometimes, the actions we take throughout our day — or lack thereof — cause us to struggle to achieve quality sleep. Let us explore how to improve your sleep, the potentially harmful actions that could be hurting your sleep, and the connection between your gut and your sleep. 

Potential Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling to Sleep 

  1. An Irregular Schedule: A person’s body has a circadian rhythm which is known as an “internal clock”. Your circadian rhythm is responsible for regulating your metabolism and your sleep routine. When the cycle is disrupted by a change in one’s schedule it can cause insomnia to ensue. Finding consistency in your daily schedule can help you to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and avoid these issues. 
  2. Consuming Stimulant: A stimulant, such as coffee, can cause you to struggle sleeping in the evenings. It is recommended to avoid drinking these types of beverages close to your bedtime. Instead, consider opting for a relaxing beverage such as chamomile. 
  3. An Overwhelming Amount of Stress: Stress can be caused by a number of different situations in life, but if we lose control over our stress, it can cause us to struggle with sleeping. Have you ever felt so consumed by a certain situation that you find yourself tossing and turning in bed all night long? It is important to find ways to de-stress throughout your week to avoid burnout and its side effects. 
  4. A Sedentary Lifestyle: A lack of physical activity can disrupt your sleep quality. Believe it or not, participating in an activity during the day can actually boost your energy levels which means you are less likely to need a nap in the afternoon. Even a long walk can make all the difference. 

Now that we have identified the potential issues that could be coming in between you and your sleep, let’s dive deep into the rituals that could save your sleep routine! 

How These Rituals Can Completely Transform Your Sleep Quality 

  1. Taking a Long Shower or Warm Bath - After a long day of work and play, it can be hard to bring your body back down from the stress and activity it has been through. A long shower or warm bath can be a great way to relax your muscles and can give you time to unwind mentally. Consider adding aromatherapy to your shower/bath routine to elevate your experience. 
  2. A Foot Massage - While all massages are beneficial in relaxing your body and increasing circulation, people often overlook the power of a foot massage. Regardless of what your work life is like, odds are you are spending a big part of your day relying on your feet to support you. A foot massage can ease overworked muscles, ease any tension or soreness you might be experiencing, and offer a deep sense of relaxation. 
  3. Follow Regular Bedtime Rituals - Do you have a go-to evening routine that you follow every night? Having rituals that you follow every night will help ease your body into a state of relaxation. Your body will subconsciously start to associate these activities with bedtime and act accordingly. 
  4. Meditate - Some people struggle with relaxing your body before bed, but for others, they struggle to quiet their minds. While it might be tempting to scroll on your phone to participate in a mindless activity, consider meditating or journaling instead! These activities can act as a workout for your brain and bring a sense of peace to your mind before bedtime. 
  5. Write a To-Do List - Are you someone that struggles to relax? Sometimes, our responsibilities can feel overwhelming to the point that they consume our thoughts. Writing a to-do list in the evenings can help you to feel more prepared for the next day. Having this task done before the day has even begun can help you to feel more at peace and prepared.

How Your Gut Health and Sleep Health Are Connected 

Aside from the potential causes listed above, your sleep quality could also be negatively impacted by the status of your gut health. A higher level and diversity of beneficial bacteria in your gut is linked to better quality sleep. This means that poor gut health could be the reason for your restlessness. Your gut health also impacts your production of serotonin which is also linked to the status of your sleep quality. 

Luckily, there are ways to support your gut health and increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your gut! A supplement for bloating such as Probiotic Renu is known to help protect your gut microbiome and increase diversity. While you can get probiotics into your diet through the foods you consume, a supplement offers a quick and efficient way to ensure you are getting the proper amount each day. 

Aside from taking a probiotic supplement, your gut health is dependent on the foods you consume. It is crucial to prioritize eating a well-balanced diet filled with many different types of nutrients, as this is what helps to maximize diversity in your gut. In regards to your sleep quality, eating foods that you are intolerant to might also be the culprit for your lack of sleep. Certain food sensitivities such as sensitivity to dairy or gluten can be intense to deal with, and can cause a load of gut issues such as bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain. Sleeping will be a challenge when experiencing such issues. 

While prioritizing all the different aspects of one’s health can seem overwhelming, it is important to remember to take it one day at a time. 

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